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Stray kitten interrupts Turkish news broadcast

20 Octubre 2016
Stray kitten interrupts Turkish news broadcast

Turkish news presenter Kudret Çelebioğlu was going through the newspaper headlines for the day on Good Morning Denizli when the stray snuck into the studio and jumped up on the desk.

It then wandered across the desk, and at one point looked straight at the camera as if it was co-presenting the show.

Much to Çelebioğlu's credit, he did more than just take the sudden feline interruption in stride.

He said they had a "surprise visitor" before taking a moment to ask viewers to open their own hearts and homes to strays, especially with winter on its way to Turkey. "It's an unexpected guest, [but] we should cuddle him".

In arguably their most importantcat-related story of week, The Daily Sabah reported that the kitty was treated to a post-broadcast feed by the network's staff who named him Hüsnü.

Some stray cats even shared the stage with world leaders at the G20 Antalya Summit in November 2015 when they broke tight security measures and appeared on the reception stage.