Viernes, 21 Octubre 2016
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Casa » Donald Trump says sexual-assault accusers 'want to stop our movement'

Donald Trump says sexual-assault accusers 'want to stop our movement'

20 Octubre 2016
Donald Trump says sexual-assault accusers 'want to stop our movement'

Trump, meanwhile, called Leeds "that awful woman" at today's rally, and continued to proclaim the allegations against him were "total fiction".

-Summer Zervos, 41, says Trump made aggressive, unwanted sexual advances in a Beverly Hills, California, hotel room in 2007. While Mr. Trump said the video was just talk and he had never behaved in this way, several women subsequently went public with allegations of sexual misconduct against the NY real estate magnate going back three decades.

Trump went on to jab at the media, Hillary Clinton and Gloria Allred for their roles in the current allegations being brought against him by several women in the past week.

Accompanied by her lawyer Gloria Allred, Zervos said during the meeting, she requested for a job, to which Trump agreed.

"Mr Trump, when I met you I was so impressed with your talents that I wanted to be like you", Zervos read from her statement.

Berry said Zervos invited Trump to visit her restaurant earlier this year, and the Republican declined. She says she was escorted to a bungalow and greeted by Trump with an open-mouth kiss. She said he offered her a job at a golf course for half the salary she had requested. Leeds, who is now 74, said Trump groped her on a flight to NY, in or around 1980.

Allred says her client told her parents and others about the incident shortly after it occurred.

"He did touch my vagina through my underwear, absolutely", Kristin Anderson said in a video interview on the newspaper's website. For nearly a decade, my cousin would talk about how much she looked up to Mr. Trump and viewed him as an inspiration - a success story she wanted to copy. I said, "I came to have dinner".

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the new allegations. I left hurriedly and called a friend who lived in NY because I was upset by the kiss.

Russo said that she previously remained silent out of respect for Zervos' privacy, but was "in tears" watching the Friday news conference in which Zervos made the accusations. "I felt I was being penalized for not sleeping with him", she said. A member of Zervos' family cast doubt on her claims in a release from the Trump campaign.

"It's one big, ugly lie", Trump said shortly after Zervos spoke.

A video tape released two days earlier by the Washington Post features Trump boasting he got away with grabbing women by the crotch because he is famous.

-Rachel Crooks says Trump kissed her without invitation in 2006 when she was a 22-year-old receptionist for a real estate firm located at Trump Tower. I waited for about 15 minutes until Mr. Trump emerged.

His vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence, also defended Mr. Trump on Friday, telling the This Morning show, "Stay tuned".

Late on Friday, the Trump campaign put forward a British man who disputed the account of one of the accusers, Jessica Leeds. "Either we win this election or we're going to lose our country", he said during his speech at an election rally in North Carolina on Thursday.

She said that she made it clear she was "not interested".

Eric Dezenhall, a Washington crisis management consultant, says Trump was adept at the two skills necessary to succeed on TV: "having a rap and being provocative".