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Trump's 'unprecedented' flattery of Putin 'out-of-step': Obama

19 Octubre 2016
Trump's 'unprecedented' flattery of Putin 'out-of-step': Obama

Putin denied that Russian Federation has any intention to interfere in the US presidential election campaign, saying that this would not be in line with the norms of worldwide communication.

Reports have also suggested that a shadowy pro-Putin internet comment troll army has been remobilised, backing Donald Trump.

The Republican presidential nominee has repeatedly voiced admiration for the Russian president - notably calling him a better leader than Mr Obama - and advocated a U.S. rapprochement with Moscow. Second, with its intervention in Syria on behalf of the Bashar al-Assad regime. "I think it would be wonderful". "I could see myself meeting with Putin and meeting with Russian Federation prior to the start of the administration", Trump said.

The antipathy appears to be mutual, said analyst Thomas Wright of the Brookings Institution. "But he also is somebody who has his own deeply ingrained sense of what's necessary to protect the American people and to protect the United States of America", he said.

Trump has routinely said he'd like to "get along" with Russian Federation and its leader Vladimir Putin.

"I don't love [Putin], I don't hate [him]". Maybe we'll have a terrible relationship.

Mr Putin said that by "playing the Russian card" in the current election campaign, the outgoing USA administration sought to distract voter attention from its failures, which include huge state debt, weak diplomacy in the Middle East and strained relations with its allies in that region.

Trump has repeatedly made admiring remarks about the Russian President ignoring the rising tensions between the USA and Russia.

He added: "I want to calm down everybody, including our American friends and partners - we have no intention of influencing the election campaign in the U.S". "I'm much more surprised and troubled by the fact that you have Republican officials who historically have been adamantly anti-Russian and, in fact, have attacked me for even engaging them diplomatically now supporting, and in some cases echoing, his positions", the President said. "I could see myself meeting with Putin and meeting with Russian Federation prior to the start of the administration", Trump said.

To the Clinton campaign, the hacking of her campaign e-mails is evidence that Russian President Putin would like to see Trump become the next US president.

Trump was referring to the more than 30,000 emails that Clinton's team did not hand over to the State Department - and ultimately deleted - after The New York Times first reported that she had been using private email servers to conduct official business when she served as secretary of state.