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Realistic expectations for 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick's promotion to No. 1

19 Octubre 2016
Realistic expectations for 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick's promotion to No. 1

He ranks last in the National Football League in yards per attempt (5.9) and has the second-lowest passer rating (69.6), but he has the most rushing yards of any quarterback (172) and two rushing touchdowns.

He missed receivers who were open on deep throws a number of times, including against Dallas with one resulting in an interception. The Bills' last win in the series was 41-7 at San Francisco in 2004.

Gabbert has struggled this season for San Francisco (1-4). The Niners will have their hands full this week against McCoy, who has a combined 330 yards rushing and three TDs (including one receiving) in the past three games since Anthony Lynn replaced Greg Roman as offensive coordinator.

Tiller has made the first five starts, but Garnett, the No. 28 overall pick, played his first offensive snaps in last week's 33-21 loss to the Cardinals. Now that we are getting our wish, we all need to set realist expectations. "Hoping I can bring more to this team and try to get us a win this Sunday".

Before Kaepernick could do that, he signed a restructured two-year contract Wednesday. The new deal also includes an injury insurance policy and playing-time bonuses, which at this point have not been revealed. If Kaepernick had not renegotiated, the quarterback would have assuredly been cut at the end of the year, making him a free agent.

The Bills coach is more concerned what the San Francisco quarterback can do with his arm and legs once the game begins now that Kaepernick has reclaimed the starting job.

After the attention placed on the socks, Kaepernick released a statement where he emphasized that they were worn for the "rogue cops". After six games, the 49ers are averaging 22.2 points per game, ranking them No. 18 in the NFL. Eventually we saw Gabbert start to keep it more, but it never felt like the threat was truly feared by the defense. You'd think that Kelly might have a few extra plays up his sleeve for the ultra-athletic Kaepernick. "It's really not, it's not [QB] Blaine's [Gabbert] fault".

"Before that, he was a little bit bigger, a little bit faster, a little bit stronger". He will admit that. He had a serious layoff in terms of being able to medical rehab.

Gabbert expressed his displeasure with the demotion Tuesday. Just over a month ago, Kaepernick was branded a "traitor" and named the most hated player in the National Football League since Rae Carruth, a former wide receiver who hired a hit man to kill his pregnant girlfriend.

"Well, I think we live in a society, No. 1, that there are no secrets", Kelly said. "I think a lot of people are rooting against me because of what my stance is, what I believe in and the people and injustice I'm fighting for". If he was willing to say changes needed to be made, why wouldn't he be willing to share that information? CB Jimmie Ward (quad) remains out of practice and is unlikely to play Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.