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Four shot outside San Francisco schools

19 Octubre 2016
Four shot outside San Francisco schools

A shooting in front of two San Francisco schools in the Excelsior District Tuesday afternoon left three students injured with one in critical condition, according to police, CBS San Francisco reported.

Four students have been shot in a San Francisco high school parking lot, Reuters reports.

"Though only four students were physically injured, this awful incident has shaken everyone in the community, particularly the staff and students at June Jordan", Myong Leigh, the district interim superintendent, said in a statement Wednesday.

The shooting was reported at June Jordan School for Equity around 3:15 p.m, according to police. School officials say for the past several years, the school has had the second highest four-year-old college eligibility rate in San Francisco, with almost 100 percent of its graduates getting into college. One student is in critical condition.

Manfredi says the shooting happened during the schools' dismissal time.

Besides the girl victim, who appeared to be the target, all the other boys received non life-threatening injuries and were given first aid. Police are searching for the suspects. Four male suspects were seen fleeing the scene shortly after the shooting, police said. The last student, a male teenager who walked into a police station with non-life-threatening injuries, also went to the hospital.

SFPD said that three teenagers, all students of June Jordan, were shot in the carpark.

The shooting took place at City Arts and Technology High School and the June Jordan School for Equity, which share a campus, per SF Gate.